Utility Settlement

Utility Financial/Load Settlement and Analytics


Manage data down to 5 minute intervals and complex market data and interactions. Handles differences between intervals, territories, commodities, time zones, and daylight savings.


The system is architected to be able to work with millions of customers, sites, or meters and complete all tasks within a business day. No more long hours and evening or weekend work for operators.


Many similar systems have a margin of calculation error which although small on an individual basis can become significant when applied to millions of data points. Complexity does not mean inaccuracy.


Data means nothing without interpretation. Turn data into information and gain the business value and return. This is the strength of the software, and expands the uses into all areas that want to leverage the consistent, validated data.

Turn Data Into Information

Settlement is process of clearing a market either with financial or load information. For both regulated and de-regulated markets it can have uses for all participants or anyone who wants to either leverage their data or ensure their market position is accurate.

Load Settlement and Forecasting

Determine the amount of load of all sites, customers, meters or locations with a consistent granularity (down to 1 min).

Financial Settlement

Apply simple or complex pricing to load data to clear a market or do mass analysis.

Mid-Office/Revenue Assurance

Monitor billing or customer care solutions, insourced or outsourced, for errors or issues all the way to resolution.

Rates Design, Pricing and Data Analysis

Leverage the information to use for deep analysis.