Our Story

About Us

We leverage leading multi-platform technologies enabling us to deliver faster and more affordable than our competition. Our solutions operate on smartphones, tablets and desktops without costly duplication of code, and are securely cloud hosted and supported, leaving our customers free to focus on their business.

Launch57 serves more than 150 customers in many regions across Canada and the USA, and our team of experts is growing.

Our Why

We believe in working closely with our customers to help them succeed. We thrive at solving business challenges and at building long term trusted relationships. When this happens, we all win.

At Launch57

We employ highly skilled, caring and committed professionals who leverage proven processes, methodologies and technologies, are quality focussed, and are comfortable thinking outside the box.

Message from President - Graham Murray

Hi, my name is Graham Murray, President of Launch57. In 1998, I formed a successful IT consulting company with over 100 staff and operating across North America, ARC Business Solutions. In 2019 ARC recognized it needed to address its strategic and operational focus between its traditional consulting services business and its mobile product division. Effective March 1, 2021, ARC split off its mobile division to become an independent company called Launch57.

Launch57, led by President and CEO Graham Murray, is sharply focussed on one key objective: To create a 100% virtual organization delivering high quality, cost effective mobile (custom and products) solutions to small and mid-sized companies throughout North America.

Collectively our team thrives at solving customers’ business challenges by leveraging technology to launch our customers to new heights. We do this by offering world class solutions delivered using simple and practical approaches. This means customers see results regularly and can provide feedback early and often. Our products and our custom solutions provide our customers with immediate business value.

Serving hundreds of customers, we bring years of experience to every assignment as we leverage our vast library of re-usable functionality and processes. These high-quality, field-tested components are easily included into every project. The result is a solution that is delivered faster than our competition and at very competitive prices. We are extremely proud that we can deliver solutions in weeks and months, not in quarters or years. We securely host and support everything we deliver, which means you can focus on what’s important to you, your business.

Today, technology is much more accessible to the small and mid-sized business segment (SMB) providing enterprise-level functionality. However, there are still examples when these offerings contain too much unnecessary functionally, are overly complex and costly. This is where we can help.