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A mobile silent auction app

Bid Beacon makes silent auctions and fundraisers cost effective and easier by bringing them online. Have your attendees bid on auction items right from their smartphone or tablet. Make an impact, triple your revenue and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We help event planners, not-for-profit organizations, charities, sports teams, and corporate administrators raise money with the use of our online auction software. Whether your event has a few guests or thousands, our easy-to-use app offers competitively priced bundles that can adapt to your specific needs. Bid Beacon is the auction app you’ve been looking for.

Bid Beacon App
CommuniBee App


A mobile community awareness and engagement app

CommuniBee was created by Launch57, a Canadian tech company to make community communication seamless, help promote awareness, and enhance engagement amongst members.

A community is defined as any organization sharing common interests and goals amongst its members. A community has a leadership group focused on ensuring the members can achieve its goals. With this in mind, CommuniBee can be used by not just community leagues and associations, but societies municipalities, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), businesses, and clubs.

CommuniBee App


A mobile game-based learning and simulation app

Reach is a powerful communication and learning platform that facilitates engagement and communication between organizations and their members. Our self-authoring platform allows you to deliver learning content in a way that is engaging, effective and measurable to user's smartphones, tablets and browsers. We pride ourselves on empowering learners and delivering
just-in-time, evidence based burst learning with just the right amount
of gamification.

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Reach App

Learning and Communications Platform

Features List

  • Self-serve dashboard
  • Versatile content gating options
  • Branching scenarios (questions)
  • Team collaboration
  • Real time content delivery
  • Auto graded or reviewed
  • Badging
  • Client branding
  • Social engagement
  • Content and user analytics
  • Offline operability
  • Flexible gamification
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Unlimited content
  • Self-authoring
  • Manage certifications
  • Rich hints system
  • Hierarchical categories
  • Engagement loops
  • News & activity feed
  • Event calendar
  • Create training content and assessments
  • Content before assessment, after pass/fail
  • Create challenges and achievements
  • Configure prerequisites and rewards
  • User management (roles and groups)
  • Supports multiple styles of game play
  • Dynamic resource economy
  • Games are themed and customizable
  • Can include exploration, empire building
  • Currencies, quests, badges, equipment, etc.
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards
  • Push message notifications to roles and groups
  • Surveys (satisfaction, feedback, benchmarks)
  • Device reminders can be scheduled
  • Forums
  • User activity & performance
  • Courses and challenges completed
  • Pass/Fail results
  • Behavioral currency
  • Custom analytics
  • Easy to read graphs
Built-in support
  • Handle tickets for content & bugs
Third Party API Integration
  • xAPI
  • Learning Management Software
  • Cloud Hosted (high security and availability)
  • Multiple layer security features, client, service and data layers
  • Authentication for learners and administrators
Technical Features
  • Developed using Ionic, SQL Server and Microsoft .Net Core
Platforms Supported
  • Modern Browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • iOS & Android devices (in browser or as downloaded app)
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LIPHA: Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator

An evidence-based and effective virtual simulation-based learning platform

The Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator (LIPHA) offers virtual simulation and game-based learning packages for healthcare professionals and students. LIPHA can be adapted for use in any healthcare sector, serving any clinical population, as well as in other industries.

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